Essex County, New Jersey



Award-winning portraiture.  Exceptional service.  A uniquely warm experience.


Photography is my passion. Family, newborn, maternity, head-shots, personal branding...  If you have a face, I am here for the challenge to capture the best images of your life for you!

To me, every phase of your life is special and beautiful.  You say "newborn", and the world stops turning!
There's nothing like the glow of a new mama, or the sparkle in the eyes of a new daddy.
I love capturing these. I love creating images of babies that emphasize their beauty and innocence.

I add elements into my photography that are meaningful to each family.
My goal is to make images that a family will enjoy for generations.
And most importantly, I want our children growing up seeing wall portraits and albums every day that tell them how much they are loved. Some day, when we are gone, they will still have these portraits and albums, to share with their own babies. That, to me, is the true motivation behind my passion: Creating a generation of children with a legacy of pure, unconditional love...


On the business side, I combine my passion for portraiture with my expertise in marketing to lay out an unmatched strategic visual plan for your business or personal brand. Every image I create will tell your story, help you connect with your potential clients, and take your business farther.


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