Congratulations on making the decision to schedule a professional portrait session with me!  I am looking forward to our session and capturing beautiful images of your family.

As you may know by now, I work with each of my clients personally and plan custom set-ups for their photo session.  So, please find below some information that I think will be very useful in preparing for your session.  And let's speak afterwards about your specific questions.  

Looking forward to seeing you very soon in front of my camera :)




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If you are pregnant, please try to book your session between weeks 32 and 38, when your belly will be beautiful and it will show nicely in the pictures.  Before 32, it may be too small, and after 38, you may not want to be driving around for pictures.



You can dress up like a goddess, a nature gal, or glamor doll. Whatever your style, you will look amazing in your maternity pictures. Depending on weather and your sense of adventure, these sessions can be done in the studio or in nature.

Please remember to discuss with me your tastes in color and style prior to the session, so when you get here I will have all your set ups ready for you.


What to bring with you:

I recommend bringing 2 sets of underwear: natural (tan or beige) and black.  Strapless bras or bandeau tops and solid panties or boy shorts are perfect.  

You can bring outfits with you, and we can dress you in drapes and laces and silks in my studio.

We can also shoot in the nude, in highly tasteful ways, depending on your sense of modesty.



Partners and Children are encouraged to join the session. Please have them dressed in neutral colors. No funky patterns, please :)  

Little girls look adorable in florals and tutus and flowy white dresses. Little boys are always great in jeans or little man outfits. Vintage and classic looks will yield timeless results. Whatever your personal style, we will let it shine through.


The night before the session:  

Try to get your rest.


On the day of the session:

Please remember to keep yourself hydrated and give yourself enough time to get ready and arrive at the studio. Please do not stress.  We will have a great time and you will leave with gorgeous photos to show off to your baby 20 years from now ;-)


Hair & Make-up:

Not required, but looks nice. Bring your make up case with you, so you can have a touch-up here if necessary.  Try to keep it simple and natural.  We want your natural beauty to show.




The best time to photograph newborn babies is between days 4 and 10 after birth.  This is the perfect time to get those sleepy, peaceful, and  "womb-like" poses without disturbing the babies' peace.  After 10 days, they start becoming more independent and start stretching out, and it will be more difficult to get them to fall asleep or to contain their cute little arms and legs. BUT, if you have missed your prime window, don't be worried, I have the expertise and gentle motherly touch to comfort and photograph babies of any age.


What I provide:

For studio sessions, I provide all equipment, props, lighting, set-ups and artistic ideas to capture your little one in the best ways possible.  You just need to show up  ready for a 2-3 hour session in a perfectly cozy and loving home studio set-up.



In order to help me individualize your session, please tell me about your favorite things when you book your session (colors, flowers, pets, lifestyle, hobbies, interests, your baby's name and meaning, a birth story that is significant, etc.).


Safety & Other Priority Concerns:

Your baby's safety is my primary concern, along with your comfort. I will take all precautions to ensure you take your baby back home safely and with the promise of a lovely photo gallery in the works. This is one thing that will make you smile and cry time after time for many years to come. I promise you, it is worth the effort to get out and get dressed. 

During the sessions, breastfeeding, singing lullabies, loving, and caring for your angel will be our first task, in between which I will be smoothly snapping pictures and changing decor. 



Mommies, Daddies, Siblings and Close Relatives are invited to the session. 


What to bring to your session:

Bring along objects that are meaningful to your family that we can incorporate into the shoot. These can be things like an heirloom blankie from your grandmother, something handmade by mommy, or an instrument daddy plays. If you or your partner is a proud man or woman of uniform, or if you have a keepsake ring from your daddy, or you have an autographed jersey from your favorite player, put it in the bag - it is always wonderful to incorporate such precious items in the images. If it's valuable to you, it will look good in the picture :)


What to wear:

Be yourself. Be comfy. No busy patterns. A little make up looks good, but it's not necessary. It is nice to coordinate mommy & daddy's outfits in terms of color palette.  Maybe you are not yet fitting your pre-pregnancy pants? I didn't either. But still come along. You are still beautiful and your baby will want to know what you looked like when you had her or him.




How does it work:

Birth is a most wonderful and miraculous time. It comes differently to each family, and each experience is unique and precious.  If you would like to have your birth photographed, please contact me well in advance with your anticipated due date. Please note that these dates may shift around and if we are not in full contact, I may not be able to make it to your birth in time.

In the US, most hospitals do not allow photographers in birthing rooms and nurseries, and we may be limited to post-birth pics. Please check on policies and procedures with your hospital to avoid any heartache on the day of your angel's arrival.

If you will be having a home birth, I am happy to come over to photograph your natural birth.

All birth pictures will be in a documentary style, capturing the natural beauty of this miraculous event.




Every age is the Right age:

Whether you did newborn pics or not, every age is the right age to picture your baby. Even if you think she's already too big, she will be even bigger a year from now.  I promise, beautiful pictures are in the store for you at any age.  All year round!


How to Prepare:

Just make sure you feed your kids before the session and try to set the photo session right after a good nap. Babies, toddlers, and even older kids who are relaxed, not rushed, well fed and rested have a great time at the photo shoot and make wonderful models.





You can schedule a family portrait any time you like. Some families prefer to do it around the holidays, but each season brings along its own special photo opportunities. Lakes, ponds, natural settings, parks, the fireplace, an icy local pond, or a pumpkin patch are all great backdrops for a sweet family photo. And we always have my studio and my back-yard at your service. 


How to Prepare:

Just make sure you take your time prepping the kids so that everyone is relaxed and in a good mood when you show up for the session. Happy and relaxed kids are the key to a beautiful family portrait.

Try to get your sleep the night before and please always tell me when your little ones' sleep times are.  Please make sure the kids get their regular meals as usual.  So the kids are not tired and hungry when you show up.  

I know that getting out the door with kids on a schedule can be stressful for many families. I know that we, for example, are often behind schedule.  That's fine. Just keep me posted if you are delayed, and regardless of whatever might be going on, try to be patient and loving with your kids. If they are feeling happy and relaxed, we will have a wonderful photo experience together.


What to bring:

I will provide studio set-up, props, etc, and you can contribute by bringing meaningful family objects with you that you may want to have incorporated into the pics (a favorite toy, a scarf gifted by your mom, an outfit your baby wore on her birthday, a picnic blanket where you and your partner had your first kiss, etc.)  If your kids have a favorite snack or comfort object, please bring those along.




It's for Everyone:

You are a senior, model, actress, business owner, or running for mayor? Yes, I have you covered.

With my knowledge of light, texture, moods, and posing, I will have you shining in your best light for your portraits. Put them in your yearbook, on the wall, job application, rep cards, or on a billboard. Your choice.



You have more questions? Ideas? Let's chat. Send me a message or just give me a call. I am a mother, a professional, and a good photographer. I will work with you to create your best images.