Congratulations on making the decision to schedule a professional portrait session with me!  I am looking forward to our session and capturing beautiful images of your family.

As you may know by now, I work with each of my clients personally and plan custom set-ups for their photo session.  So, please find below some information that I think will be very useful in preparing for your session.  And let's speak afterwards about your specific questions.  

Looking forward to seeing you very soon in front of my camera :)


BIRTH ANGELS Documentary Birth Photography: 


How does it work:

Birth is a most wonderful and miraculous time. It comes differently to each family, and each experience is unique and precious.  If you would like to have your birth photographed, please contact me well in advance with your anticipated due date. Please note that these dates may shift around and if we are not in full contact, I may not be able to make it to your birth in time.

In the US, most hospitals do not allow photographers in birthing rooms and nurseries, and we are limited to post-partum pics. Please check on the policies and procedures of your hospital to avoid any heart-ache on the day of your angel's arrival.

If you will be having a home birth, I am happy to come over to photograph your natural birth.

All birth pictures will be in a documentary style, capturing the natural beauty of this miraculous event.

DSC_7001 retouchDSC_7001 retouch


For your hospital birth, I will plan to arrive at the hospital within 48 hours of delivery.  In most cases I'm there as soon as you have moved to the post-partum room, but mother's recovery, hospital procedures, and scheduling conflicts may mean that I come later that day or the following day.  I will always be in contact with you, and I ask you to do the same to ensure that I can get there as soon as possible.



Hospitals in the northeastern United States (New York / New Jersey especially) have notoriously high C-Section rates (around 30-35%, being the highest in the nation and in the globe).  This means that some of my expecting moms will have a scheduled c-section date from the get-go, and some who are hoping for a natural birth end up with a C-Section at the last minute.  

Understanding that birth is an unpredictable event, I will do everything possible to accommodate your situation.

Photographing C-Sections are not allowed, but I will come to the hospital after your delivery and plan to photograph your union with your precious baby in your post-partum room.

It may take 4-6 hours for a mother to recover from C-Section and be taken from the recovery room to the post-partum room. 

If you have a scheduled C-Section, I will block that day for you on my calendar.

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A laboring woman is usually not able to keep in touch with the outside world, and nor do I expect you to be text messaging with me while having a baby. Your baby needs your full energy and attention, so please designate another family member or friend to be in touch with me about the progress of the labor, and actual delivery time. 

I need to have all the information about your intended birth location, (hospital, birthing center, home, etc), address, doctor or midwife's name, your full official name with which you will be admitted to the hospital, and contact information (cell phone numbers and names) of your designated family/friends.

Please always let me know ahead of time what kind of images you like most, and I will make sure I photograph accordingly.

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What photos will I take:

I will capture all the natural moments being lived in your room during the time I'm there.  Individual portraits of your baby, changing time, small details, little feet and hands, nursing, mother & partner kissing, hugging, crying, holding the baby, nurses helping out, grandparents helping you out, etc.  Documentary style.


How long is the session:

I will be in your room for approximately 60 minutes. 



I always wear newly washed clothes to my photo sessions.  I will wash and disinfect my hands before coming into your room, and I will also sanitize after I enter.  I will never touch the mother or the baby with dirty hands.  I will never kiss or make facial contact with the baby.

I will help position you and the baby, but never with dirty hands.

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What will you get:

You will end up with documentary style images of your first hours or days with your baby.  These images do not aim to style you or the baby, and I do not do styled sessions at the hospital. You don't have to worry about looking your best or dressing your baby in special outfits.  The sole purpose of this session is to document the natural beauty of this magical day, just the way it is. Your baby will only be born once, and these images will capture the honest truth of this day.


What about pretty, styled pictures for putting on the wall:

As special and lovely as documentary hospital photos are, I have yet to meet a client who frames and hangs a hospital birth photo on their wall.  Those serene looking pretty portraits with floral headbands and ruffles or tiny little bow ties, babies in baskets come from a newborn photo session, which I call "Newborn Angel Portrait Session". 

If you would like that kind of lovely gallery for your family, I highly recommend inquiring about the Newborn Angel Portrait Session. 


A hospital session is $750 + 7% NJ sales tax.

The fee includes my time, transportation, color correction, minor retouching, online gallery, low resolution digital files, and $250 towards any professional print product of your choice.  You will get 50-75 images.

There is an up-charge of $100 for hospitals that are longer than 1 hour driving distance to Verona, NJ (round-trip).



You have more questions? Ideas? Let's chat. Send me a message or just give me a call. I am a mother, a professional, and a good photographer. I will work with you to create your best images.