2017 Spring Homeschool Photography Workshop by Pamira Bezmen Photography

Introduction to Photography – The Pillars of Photography Course

4 week course. Dates: April 7, 14, 21, 28.  1pm to 3:15pm

Ages 5 to 17 (split into 2 age-specific groups with 15 minutes between sessions)




Homeschool Photography Workshop:

I am happy to offer a 4-week photography workshop to the NJ Homeschool Community in order to introduce our children to the love of photography while giving them a solid foundation of the main pillars of any visual art.  They can choose to continue their learning in photography, or apply these learnings to drawing, painting, or videography.  They can also use these basics to help them “see” everyday life in a different light, which can help enrich their inner world, even if they don’t choose to pursue to “perform” a visual art.  Come explore the world of photography with me!



Background About Pamira Bezmen Photography:

Pamira Bezmen Photography is an award-winning full service portrait studio, that specializes in creating artistic and heirloom images for families, newborns, maternity, as well as stylistic, conceptual or purely professional head shots for adults. Pamira works with each client on styling, mood, colors, and posing in order to bring forth the best of the client. For professionals, personal or corporate branding clients, Pamira offers complimentary consultations for strategic imaging alternatives.

Pamira is highly rated by her clients for service, warm and safe handling of children, technical expertise, and the quality of photographic products offered.  A large percentage of her client base is repeat clients and referrals.  To see some of her work, you can visit www.pamirabezmenphotography.com



Who is this class for:

This class is for any young child or teenager who has a personal interest in visual arts, photography, preserving memories, capturing moments, story telling, a vivid imagination with a desire to tell stories.

We will be using my actual studio space, with professional equipment, which means that all participants will need to have the maturity and self control to be mindful of his or her surroundings, for the safety of individuals and studio equipment.


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Week 1: Introduction to Photography & Light

Why do we take photographs?

What makes a photograph? What makes a good photograph?  What makes a great photograph?

Seeing the light. Finding the light. Making the light. Bending the light. Getting rid of the light.


Week 2: Seeing the Frame & Framing What You See

Composition. Noticing a good one. Creating a good one. Perfecting an existing one.

Documentary versus Creative Art.

Image makers versus Image takers.


Week 3: Portraiture & Human Stories

What is a portrait? How to capture it. What is the purpose and responsibility of a portrait photographer?

Posed versus natural portraits.


Week 4: Expressing yourself as an artist

Story telling via Photography.

Image critique and creative free play with photography.


Every class will involve open roundtable discussion, technical information and hands on training in the studio, working on real lighting situations, framing, composing, and creative elements. Students will be taking photographs every week.


If there is interest, students can choose to sign up for the following series, which will include more advanced topics like Posing, Modeling, Indoor/Outdoor Photography, and Fine Art Photography.  We will gauge interest about this mid-way through the first series.


Classes will include other relevant and technical topics as time permits, like color theory, color temperature, depth of field, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, focus, metering, bracketing, histograms, angles, etc.  Curriculum is for guideline only, and the questions of students and the interactive nature of the class will partially determine actual topics covered.

I will try to help each student at his or her level, and do my best to make the class as relevant as possible to all participants involved.

Based on the number of students enrolled, we may break down the class to Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes, so that we can go into more detail with those who have a history working with photography already.  We may also break down the class based on age.

Final details will be confirmed based on total interest, ages, and history with photography.


Materials needed for class:

  • Every participant is encouraged to bring a working camera to class. It can be a cell phone camera, a manual camera, 35mm, APS, Polaroid, or DSLR.Due to number of participants, we will not be spending time on how to work each camera. If you bring a camera, please have a basic understanding of how it works, so that we can dive into the subject matter quickly without boring the other participants



Classes will be held in Essex Fells, NJ.



$95 per student for 4 weeks.  Siblings are 30% off.


Sign-up deadline: April 1, 2017.


All students interested in class, please fill out the attached application form. Your spot in class will be confirmed upon payment of tuition. Please don't forget to hit the submit button when done.


(The payment link is at the bottom of the page.)



To enroll, please click here and make a payment.


Many thanks!

Looking forward to seeing you soon at the studio for a fun and creative learning journey together!