TOLGA SAVACI | Professional Actor, Model, Voice Artist

Istanbul, New York, New Jersey


TOLGA SAVACI is an award-winning professional actor, model, and voice artist who has demonstrated his talent in cinema, T.V., theater and commercial work as well as on the run-way across Europe since the early 1980's. He is also an accomplished athlete, licensed water-polo player, and racing champion who is as nimble in water sports as he is in motor sports.

Tolga's high degree of professionalism, work ethic, and genuine personality have gained him respect amongst his peers while making him a sought-after professional for high profile projects across the industry.


Tolga SAVACI-DSC_3266.2Tolga SAVACI-DSC_3266.2


You can download his resume below and click here for his professional headshots / photo gallery / portfolio.

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Below are some of Tolga's movie billboards: