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I feel blessed to be a photographer. To have a studio. To have the luxury of having a dream, or a visual in my mind, and then putting it into a plan to execute, with the right lighting, the accessories, the posing, and post processing...

This year has been hard for many of us. We have been forced to set aside our normal lives, our passions, our connections and relationships, even our livelihood. We have had to adjust and refocus. We became creative and resourceful and smart in new ways.

I feel blessed that despite all the challenges, I have the life that I have. And that I have my studio, and my camera, and my clients, family and friends who trust me with their memories.

I feel blessed that I am able to dress up and go to my studio to make myself new head-shots, and do a photo shoot for my own family, capturing memories to be seen many years later... That I can do all this for others...

I am grateful. Every single day.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Being in my life. Being my clients, friends, and family.

Life is not about always agreeing with everyone, but to me, life is about love. So much love that even disagreements don't matter. And in the long term, all that will be left are memories and photographs. What we leave for our children. That is why I do what I do. So that when all that we say and do is gone, the masterpieces we've created out of love have been captured and documented, so that our children, and their children, know what we were about - love and light...




We just wrapped up our annual family photo-shoot, and this is what I'm putting together for my family as a holiday gift to ourselves...  So that when we look back at the year 2020, my children don't just remember being locked up in the home weeks on end, the uncertainty of the times, and the feeling of lack, but that we remained strong, loving and beautiful, that we stuck together and that we persevered.  That 2020 was a difficult year, but they still had a beautiful childhood full of love and care under the unconditional love and security of their doting parents...


Perla white gold mat 28x28, 7x7 9-upPerla white gold mat 28x28, 7x7 9-up


I was thinking about how many more families need exactly THIS right now.


_DSC1465_DSC1465 _DSC1483_DSC1483


So, I will offer it up to all my clients, friends and family.  If you are interested in a similar experience, all you need to do is to call me at 862-812-2313 or send me an e-mail.


Here is my offer:

Book a family photo-shoot for $550 in the comfort and privacy of my studio (in Essex County), and you will get a fully complimentary second photo-shoot to use towards head-shots or glamour (or a mix of both) on the same day or another day.

That is a $550 value - yours, no strings attached, and completely my gift to you.


Because I know how hard this year has been. And maybe you need some fresh head-shots to revive your business. Or maybe you need to get some head-shots to feel sexy or handsome again, and feel like the hot-shot that you really were - that you still are!


You can use this gift towards personal fun photos or glamour for photos like this one:




or use it towards business-related head-shots like this one:




Or you can just gift the second session to your significant other, your mom, dad, or another loved one...  Your choice.


I will even gift wrap the certificate and put it in a gorgeous box for you to give it as a gift. 

(You can use it as a holiday gift.  The certificate can be redeemed any time within 1 year from date of purchase.)


If you prefer, you can gift the family session to a loved one and keep the personal shoot for yourself. 


The possibilities are endless...


Pamira Bezmen Photography, gift boxes, 1Pamira Bezmen Photography, gift boxes, 1



Booking fee: $550. Includes an all-inclusive custom photo-shoot in the studio, styling, professional retouching and $300 towards professional prints of your choice.

You can pre-purchase a 28"x28" custom framed wall art like the unique mother of pearl frame shown above for an additional $600.

Or we can create your own print collection in any size after you see your gallery. You can pick from a selection of award winning fine art prints, canvas gallery wraps, float wraps, albums, or framed products.


There will be no purchase button on this offer because space is limited and it will be first come, first served.



If you are interested, please shoot me an e-mail and let's talk! 


You can always book any type of session you want, but this offer is only valid until December 13, 2020.


So hurry up before you get wrapped up in your other projects and forget! I am just an e-mail away.


Love and blessings, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

- Pamira


fine print:

* The complimentary photo-shoot offer does not include any free products. It cannot be refunded for cash value.

* Pamira Bezmen Photography is a health-conscience and natural establishment, reflecting our own family values and priorities. The grounds and materials are organically cleaned with non-toxic cleaners and we do not book multiple clients on the same day.  Due to the very limited foot traffic on premises, we do not expect clients to submit to any additional safety or hygiene measures beyond common sense measures.  We do not hold any sessions when any of the parties is not healthy. We reschedule at no additional cost.

* We offer award-winning fantastic print products that will make you smile for a lifetime and then still shine on for generations.  Prices start from $150. We customize everything to your taste, space, and budget for no additional fee.

* Due to the very customized nature of our services and products, purchases must be paid for before services and products can be rendered.

* We are not a "digital file studio". We pour our heart out to make memories that you will print and enjoy on your walls, in frames or in an album. Digital products are available to clients who have ordered professional prints.







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