Thankful Everyday

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, my new web site is shaping up. My holiday project list is getting busier. My clients are wonderful. My studio is stacked. My ideas are many. And my home is full of peace, health, and love. How can I not be deeply grateful!


I am one who gives thanks every day. I say a little prayer. Sometimes a long one. Most often a very long one. I also pray that 'those without' also find happiness and contentment, for we all have our own cross to bear, and I have learned to be just as thankful for what I don't have.  Because sometimes "not having" is precisely what I need - in order to learn and to grow into my higher potential.


I ask for the health, mind, heart, and passion to do what I do, and to live an authentic, meaningful life. To be a good person. To be a good mother. To be a good photographer. To have many opportunities to do right, to spread happiness, and to make a positive influence in this lifetime.  I ask for opportunities to grow and to help.  I ask for enough good clients to stand on my own two feet and enough prosperity that I can afford to do good for those who are less fortunate. I ask that my baby be well and happy, and that we are all blessed as the human kind. I ask that we are all kind towards one another and Mother Nature.


Deep down from my core, I know for a fact that the only thing that matters is Love. I hope that I am able to capture some of it in my photography and to spread it via my work. Because what touches one heart will eventually spiral out and put smiles on other faces.  It will cause kindness and caring from the lips of one to the heart of another.


Here I am, humbled, grateful, my heart swelling with LOVE. Thankful for my family, my photography, my life, friends, clients, teachers, this beautiful and bountiful world, and everything that is pure and divine. Yes, there are still many things I hope to have and wish to accomplish, and I will work hard for them, but tonight, when I put my head on my pillow, I will say: "Lord, Mother, Universe: THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! <3"


- Pamira




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