Because Time Flies but a Photo Lives

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Because time does not stop. For anyone. We are all growing or aging or moving on and along from today, in one way or another.

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I was looking at this picture I took, of my darling daughter.  She is wearing a hand-knit dress and a hat made by her great-grandmother (my beloved grandmother).  These two things were literally the last things she was able make with her aged, trembling hands. And she did it so painstakingly, with her bones aching, her left hand not feeling anything at all. With great dedication, to leave something valuable behind for her little great-grandbaby.  Something of her, from her...

That was only several months ago.

Now 90 years old and having aged very rapidly since then, my grandma is not able to make any more dresses or hats.

An extremely talented tailor and a very resourceful woman of the early 20th century, my grandma hand-made all of her family's clothes most of her life. At a time of limited resources and tiny budgets, she dressed her kids so impeccably that everyone thought she shopped the high end designer boutiques of the time.  My brother and I grew up wearing jackets, hats, scarves, gloves, cardigans and slippers custom made by our grandmother.  Unfortunately those days are passed.  Now she spends most of her days resting, and sometimes we are not sure if she remembers exactly who we are.

I am so very thankful to my grandma for so many things. And I am so blessed that I was able to capture this image of my daughter wearing this dress and hat.  Because she will grow out of them very soon and she will most likely not remember these days. But we will cherish this image for as long as we live. This will be the picture where Shaya is wearing the dress and hat her great-grandma made for her. This picture will always remind her of how much her great-grandma loved her and how she made something so special just for her.

This, to me, is the gift of photography. The ability to preserve not only a moment in time, but all the valuable things that belong to that moment. The love, the care, the family, the baby that was at that moment. Long after we are gone, these will be kept preserved in this perfect picture. My sweet girl can come back to it again and again, as a teenager, as a woman, as a mother some day, and find us all right here. In the hat, the dress, me behind the camera, her dad right there watching, all of her family loving her endlessly. Forever.

Because time flies, but a photo lives.

- Pamira


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