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Vincent Michael Olivo

born November 10, 2014.  11:15am.  6lbs. 13oz. 19 3/4in.


Newborn Angel, 6 days old

November 16, 2014





He kept us waiting and waiting, but even as just his photographer, I can say it was worth every second.

I am always humbled with the responsibility of capturing this precious time, and doing it justice,

as well as overjoyed with the opportunity to make art of a once in a lifetime occasion.


I can think of no better art to hang on my walls, no prettier face to stare at each morning than one of my own baby,

and I believe it is the same for each family.

Nothing can sooner make me realize the importance of why, what and who I am,

and nothing can better ground me than motherhood.

Nothing can bring forgiveness and joy faster into my heart,

and nothing can improve me more drastically as a human being than the necessity brought by parenthood.



Vincent, sweet little baby love,


Your every little finger,

every tiny cracked nail,

every breath, and every look

is precious beyond all things combined.

Within that little body, you embody all love, kindness, peace and greatness

that can become of a human.

You bring with you light,

and we look to you to make the world a better place,

along with all other babies,

some day...

Be everything that you can be, and show us the way.


Much love,

- Pamira










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