Dance on This! Canvas Gallery Wrap Product Review | Award-Winning NJ Family Photographer

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Dance on This! Canvas Gallery Wrap Product Review | Award-Winning NJ Family Photographer Pamira Bezmen Photography

Verona, New Jersey


Highest Quality Canvas Gallery Wraps from Pamira Bezmen Photography, award-winning family photographer, Verona New JerseyHighest Quality Canvas Gallery Wraps from Pamira Bezmen Photography, award-winning family photographer, Verona New JerseyHighest Quality Canvas Gallery Wraps from Pamira Bezmen Photography, award-winning family photographer, Verona New Jersey


What are the most popular professional print products, once you have had your gallery presented to you?

Is the investment worth it?


Let me try to shed some light on some of the most common questions.

In my studio, lay-flat heirloom albums and canvas gallery wraps are the 2 most popular items that almost ALL my clients ask for.

(I will study the heirloom album in a separate blog post, but focus on the canvas gallery wrap for today.)


In this blog post, I will cover why the canvas gallery wrap is so popular AND, what to look for in your canvas gallery wrap (even if I'm not your photographer).



- It is sturdy

- It has beautiful texture that creates depth and adds a 3-dimensional feel to your images

- It can be wiped clean

- It is versatile for hanging, leaning against a wall, or for displaying on an easel

- It will last a long time

- It is resistant to the elements (unlike paper)

- It can be framed for a more classic look or hung as is for a more modern feel

- It does not have any glass, which means it's not fragile (and hence safer around kids)






Due to the popularity of the canvas gallery wrap, you will find many providers, most of which offer low quality products at what initially looks like an inexpensive (and hence attractive) option for many consumers - UNTIL your canvas sags, frame warps, corners give, and your baby's face starts looking wrinkled and your chest drops to your stomach.

Not to mention the fact that color calibration and cropping is usually off, and sharpness is optional.


Not the wall art you want to show off at your holiday party year after year - or gift to your child in 12 years, proudly saying:

"Here, son, this is our family heirloom.  Now it's all yours. Here is what we all looked like when you were born...  Hmmm, only a bit warped, and saggy.. and soggy...  And your face was not that blurry and your mom's eyes did not look so glazed.  She had pretty eyes, actually..."


You get my point.  Don't let this be your story.


Canvas wraps 2Canvas wraps 2




- The frame should be of highest quality wood that will not warp or tilt

- If possible, the canvas should be stretched over a solid block of wood for added durability and stability, as well as providing a solid foundation for your canvas

- The corners should be tight - and I mean TIGHT - no bulging or visible pockets in the corners

- The back should be closed up and finished professionally

- It should be finished with a hanging device that is professionally applied, which is even and centered

- The canvas should be covered with a protective layer (matte, semi-glossy or glossy laminate), per your taste

- The colors should be spot on

- Skin colors should not be off, yellowish, greenish, reddish, muddy, or blotchy

- The image should be as sharp as your photographer presented to you on the screen - no blur or pixellation should be introduced during the printing process

- Lastly, it should come with a warranty - if the quality is not to your satisfaction (for legitimate reasons), you should be able to have it replaced at no additional cost to you.


All of that is why high quality professional canvas gallery wraps are not $75.  They cannot be.  Unless we're going for indentured servitude.

Just like for every other product, responsibly sourced high quality materials put together by qualified, fairly compensated professionals cannot be cheap.



Here is a series of photos of one my canvas gallery wraps - yes, it is my daughter DANCING ON IT!  Imagine river dance. Toddler version. Music. Stomping. Joy.

Am I worried?  Heck no!

Am I going to tell her to stop?  Nope.


This is the quality product you get when you order a canvas gallery wrap from Pamira Bezmen Photography.


Canvas Dance stitchCanvas Dance stitch


I search high and low, near and far to bring the highest quality print products to my clients. 

Your photographic investment is too valuable to waste on cheap prints.

And this is one of the reasons I will not give you high resolution files until after you've already gotten a good number of gorgeous print products from me.

I don't want you to spend your print allowance on a dozen 4x6" prints and then go to the nearest discount store to get a $75 canvas warp  wrap that will disappoint you, for sure.  Even if you think your eye is not trained to see the difference between the good one and the bad one, I'm pretty sure that if you saw them side by side, you could tell the difference.  If I let you walk away with crappy products, then I have not served you right.  Then you might have as well gotten your photos taken at Picture People. 

You know, you can't buy a Corvette and fill'er up with coal.  Nope, I will not let you do it.  You should not let yourself do it, either.


Demand your photographer to give you the highest quality print products. Expect more.  Get the best. 


Don't keep asking your photographer for high resolution files so you can get yourself sub-par prints from the drugstore.  Instead, ask your photographer to give you such gorgeous print products that you will never ever want to touch a digital file ever again.


Then you can let your baby dance on your canvas gallery wraps.


The only question that remains for you is:

What song?



Shaya hugging canvas, DSC_0768 editShaya hugging canvas, DSC_0768 edit




- Pamira






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