Newborn Photography at 5 weeks | Newborn Angel Serena | New Jersey Family Photographer

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Newborn Photography at 5 weeks | Newborn Angel Serena | New Jersey Family Photographer, Pamira Bezmen Photography, Verona New Jersey




It is very unfortunate that some photographers like to scare new parents about newborn photography - with a bunch of rules and regulations about the timing and must haves to ease their own lives, or due to inexperience.  I am saddened by how many parents miss out on this wonderful opportunity to create heirloom family portraits with their newborn baby because someone told them it can only be done within 10 days of birth.


So after 13, 18 or 33 days, parents feel like they've missed the window of opportunity, and they decide to wait for the next opportunity to come around at 6 months old or 1 year old.  But of course, your baby is completely different at 6 months old and even more different at 12 months old, and that very short window of miniature treasure in your arms, tiny hands in your hands, itsy bitsy pea sized toes on your lips is gone for good.  They will never fit on your chest that way ever again.


Fortunately, the truth is that newborn photography is possible and wonderfully rewarding for families at any age - that is until 3 months old because after that we don't call them newborns any more, and it is a Baby Portrait after that point.  (By the way, those are also amazingly lovely and delicious, but that's the topic of another blog post.)


Here are some lovely images we made of a very special little angel, who came to visit me when 5 weeks old.  Yes, she was awake most of the session, and yes she was not possible to bend into those little womb-like poses, but also yes, we captured beautiful images of her, showcasing her beauty, innocence, and thanks to those open eyed poses, her personality. Not to mention the family portraits, that will be priceless not only for her parents, but for her as she grows up.


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It was a complete honor and joy to photograph this wonderful family, and I am grateful that they were not worried about that 10 day mark.


If you or someone you love is expecting a baby, I encourage you to plan ahead and make your newborn portrait appointment before the due date. This will guarantee that you will secure a spot with your favorite professional photographer and get those peaceful slumber portraits of your precious baby.  With the choice of the right professional, you will sail through your newborn session.


But, if for any reason you miss that golden window, go ahead and call anyway.  Just make sure you choose a photographer whose work you love and reflects your style, and who has experience with newborns of all ages (in days and weeks, that is) :)


Enjoy your new baby and happy memory-making to you :)

- Pamira



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