Outdoor October | Outdoor Portrait Sessions by award winning New Jersey photographer

October 06, 2017  •  1 Comment
I am happy to introduce:

Outdoor October

Here is a month full of outdoor photography opportunities, with priority booking only for my inner circle of friends.

This is for you IF:

- You want to take advantage of the last of the green or the upcoming parade of fall colors
- You want a family session in the woods
- You want a mini harvest session
- You want a studio session with a quick step outside for added variety
- You want to get a head start on your holiday portraits and gift prints

Bookings starting from $250 for mini sessions. Full sessions $550. (please see schedule below)

BOOK a Mini Session:
October 14: Into the woods outdoor family session mini
October 29: Mini harvest session (feel free to dress up for Halloween)

BOOK a Full Session:
Pick your own date and style and get my acclaimed full service experience!

Yes, I want to BOOK NOW!

See you soon!





The story of the above image:

These are the last days of green out there. I have been obsessing about having an image like this surrounded by lush greens all summer long, and we were able to catch it just in time before the leaves started turning. For the next few weeks we will have a parade of colors, and I can't wait to get those, but for now I'm loving this lush green portrait. More than the greenery, I love that I was able to get my cherub staring at me while nursing while I can still hold her in my arms like a baby. These days go fast, and before I know it she will be too big for this.
Thank you to my family for helping me bring the images in my imagination into the day light. Thank you for your patience with me while I obsess on every trail and bush about the light and the texture. Thank you for trusting me to step into the woods, marsh and weeds when the mission calls for it

Love you all!



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My grass flies under my feet as its dry bleeding edges groan into the dry unanticipated turn of events. Ceaselessly I get sure that a spring up twister will give us some aiding yet they all continue to miss us.
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