When Love Comes Knocking - Valentine's Day in Parenthood

February 14, 2018  •  2 Comments

Pamira Bezmen Photography, award winning portrait photographer of New Jersey, DSC2592.3Pamira Bezmen Photography, award winning portrait photographer of New Jersey, DSC2592.3Valentine's Day by Pamira Bezmen Photography


Does anyone remember the Valentine's Days that were just celebrated between two adults enamored with each other? It was a lot of planning, dressing up, shopping, showering, prettying up with that one person in mind. An exciting process full of secrets and surprises until both of you eventually revealed it all later that evening.

Well, it's all a little different now. Like when love comes knocking on the door at any time of the day or night (and usually when you're in the bathroom), or when you receive your candy in a way you never have before (stuck under your slippers maybe), or when your biggest admirer showers you with so much love (and a slobbery runny winter sneeze) that you can't stand it any more!

Oh yeah! You know you are a parent when your Valentine's Days have changed forever, but you also know you would not have it any other way!

Have a happy, peaceful and memorable V-Day, everyone! Make this one about family and love! Let those babes sit on your lap and feel all the love you have for them! And if there is time, try to have a toast with the bigger love - the one who was there before it all...





A special Valentine's Day Gift from Pamira:

Come out and have a day with champagne and chocolate in my studio! Bring just yourself, your partner or your best girlfriend. I will pamper you to a beautiful photo shoot, and your first professional print enlargement will be my gift to you. 


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