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Congratulations on making the decision to schedule a professional portrait session (personal branding or head-shots) with Pamira Bezmen Photography!  

I am looking forward to our session and capturing smart, strategically planned, professional images that will get your personal brand or business noticed or help you get your next audition for acting or modeling.

Now, let's get you ready for your photo shoot!




2009-11-15, NB Portraiture, 0742009-11-15, NB Portraiture, 074



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First, I want you to relax! 

- Even if this is your first time doing a photo shoot, if you are shy in front of the camera or feel nervous, I want you to rest assured that I have you covered.

- With my knowledge of light, texture, color, and posing, I will bring out your best look for your portraits. I will guide you every step of the way, and it will be a collaborative, fun experience.  More importantly, in the end, you will have amazing imagery to take your brand to the next level.

- I have photographed mayors, IT professionals, politicians, real estate professionals, lawyers, yoga instructors, models, actors, event planners, authors, chefs, artists, doctors, academicians, business men and women and many others... It always works out, and it will work out for you, too.


Tolga Savaci Contact Sheet 1, Pamira Bezmen Photography, 8x10, 9upTolga Savaci Contact Sheet 1, Pamira Bezmen Photography, 8x10, 9up



Strategic planning

- At this point, you and I should have talked about visual communication strategy for your personal brand / business or head-shots. 

- If you haven't done it already, please take a few moments to complete my quick questionnaire to help style your session in accordance with your brand and business needs.  Click here for the questionnaire


How to Prepare

- You can create a vision board to help narrow down the looks you are most drawn to.

- Tell me about all your needs, wants, and concerns with me before the shoot.  Chances are, we can address most of them, if not all.

- Think about all the marketing venues where images may be used, target clients and audiences, print or online, advertising, online profile, web site, professional networking sites, web banner, Facebook cover photo, Instagram, Tweeter, blog posts, LinkedIn, or more.

- Will you need still images, video footage, a marketing video or all of the above?

- If you are a model or actor, we will make a selection of images that will showcase your different expressions and strengths. Bring a few alternative outfits to change into. 



The Night Before

- Eat a healthy, nutritious meal; hydrate yourself; avoid consuming alcohol or tobacco products or limit use.

- Prepare your clothing and accessories for the photo shoot. Make sure they are clean and free of wrinkles. 

- Put delicate garments on hangers to avoid wrinkling during transport.

- Use a gentle exfoliator to take off dead skin from face and body parts that will be visible in the images. 

- Moisturize face, neck, lips, and hands. Also moisturize arms, legs and feet if they will be photographed, (applies to all women for all photo-shoots, and both men and women if we are shooting for an actor/model portfolio)

- Avoid experimenting with new products which may cause redness, irritation, or blotchyness.

- Avoid completely new hair-cuts or risky styles that may go wrong.

- Men: decide if you will be with or without facial hair on the day of your photo-shoot. Make sure you give yourself enough time to have the length you desire, or plan to shave the morning of the photo-shoot for a clean shaven look.

- Get a good night's rest.  Try meditation or relaxation techniques if necessary.

- Avoid stressful conversations, programs or events that will disturb your mood. 



The Morning of the Photo Session DSC_0712.2DSC_0712.2

- Give yourself sufficient time to prepare.

- Don't over-book yourself on the day of the photo shoot.

- Eat a healthy breakfast and hydrate yourself.

- Remember to bring your garments, make-up case and personal items.

- Remember to bring a snack and water for the road.

- Whatever happens, don't stress.  It's more important for me that you are peaceful and happy than anything else.

- If you're running late, just let me know. I will always accommodate your needs to the best of my ability.



Hair and Make-up for Ladies

- Pay attention to your hair and make up, so that we are putting your best look forward.

- Consider getting your hair professionally done. Touch up roots. Come with clean hair without excessive product.

- Keep your make-up clean and consistent with your professional image. Focus on eyes, and bring a few options for lips and cheeks for some different looks.

- Bring your make-up bag with you for a quick touch-up (your favorite powder, bronzer, foundation, eye pencil).

- We will start the session with lighter make-up and build onto it as we go, if the styling calls for it.

- If it's a mid-day session, bring your toothbrush with you to freshen up your smile.

- If you need a professional hair and make-up artist, please let me know ahead of time.

- See below for a make-up progression chart, let's pick which is most appropriate for your brand image.


Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 2.35.20 PMScreen Shot 2019-02-08 at 2.35.20 PM



Grooming for Gents

- If you will get a hair-cut before the shoot, do it a couple of days in advance so that you give your hair time to “normalize”, in case something turns out differently than what you expected.

- If you will shave on the day of the shoot, please do it earlier in the day and pay attention to not cut or irritate your skin.

- Any nicks, cuts, bumps, blemishes, etc. will be taken care of during professional retouching.  Just want to avoid large areas of irritation or patches.



What to bring

- 2-3 outfits in line with your visual communication strategy.

- Usually 1 dark outfit (upscale / professional), 1 lighter outfit, 1 outfit that has color or is a casual look.

DSC_5279.1DSC_5279.1 - Accessories, jewelry, belt, shoes, special undergarments or shape-wear for ladies if your style calls for it.

- Coordinate your underwear or undershirts with your outerwear so they don't show through.

- Clean shoes that match your overall look, if we will shoot full body images.

- Please match belts to shoes.


Outfit Check-list for Male Actors/Models:

- T-shirts: white, black, charcoal or other neutral color, a couple of funky bright and bold, fun colors

- Long sleeve t-shirts or long-sleeve light-weight sweaters: soft, form fitting material to show-case physique. Choose warm or neutral colors that compliment your skin, bring out your eyes or hair color.

- Jeans

- Dressy suit with 1-2 options of button-down shirts, matching or contrasting ties or bow-ties if desired

- Dressy, clean, polished shoes to go with suit

- Tuxedo if desired, to be used instead of a suit

- An outdoorsy look: Corduroy pants or khakis, or jeans, flannel shirt or long sleeve top, cosy vest or outdoor jacket.  Bring boots to match. 

- A bad-boy look: Leather jacket and/or pants, a t-shirt or a tank top to match

- If you desire to book underwear or swimwear business: be prepared to do some push-ups and pose indoor or outdoor (weather permitting) in studio or by the pool in underwear or swimwear.

- Accessories:

Bring along anything that showcases your additional talents, abilities such as a musical instrument you play, or accessories for a sport you play, or a talent you want to showcase as a selling point to the agency/client.  Bring along jewelry, hats, scarves, etc. that might be a part of your style.



Outfit Check-list for Female Actors/Models:

- A romantic look: feminine dress and top that brings out your skin tones, your eyes and/or your hair

- Casual look: Jeans that show your shape with a casual top

- An evening gown, sexy or classy look, or both, depending on your style.  A long dress and a short dress option.

- Dressy, clean, polished shoes to go with your evening gown

- If you desire to book lingerie or swimwear business: bring some two piece alternatives, night gowns or baby-dolls and we will pose indoor or outdoor (weather permitting) in studio or by the pool in underwear or swimwear.

- Accessories:

Bring along anything that showcases your additional talents, abilities such as a musical instrument you play, or accessories for a sport you play, or a talent you want to showcase as a selling point to the agency/client.  Bring along jewelry, hats, scarves, etc. that might be a part of your style.



- Think about the colors that make you glow. The styles that bring out your best. The outfits that say something about you and your brand.  

- Do you want your portraits to look bold, romantic, serious, fun, vintage?

- Make sure your clothes are not wrinkled or crumbled up.  A crisp button down shirt can make a guy look sexy, professional, and smart.   A curled up collar and bunch of creases down the chest can take all that away.



During the Session

- I will help you with relaxation, posing and accessorizing.

- All you need to do is take a breath, be yourself, and let your unique personality shine through.  We will talk, discuss ideas, poses, clothing choices, and make decisions together as we shoot and work as a team.  We'll have fun!




You have more questions? Ideas? Let's chat. Send me a message or just give me a call at 862-812-2313.



I'm excited for your photo shoot!  Let's do this! 

Here's to your success!




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