My Mom's Birthday, Happy Birthday Nermin Bezmen!

April 30, 2014  •  5 Comments

Today is my beloved mother Nermin Bezmen's birthday.

She is one amazing woman, a truly wonderful mom, and a gorgeous human being, inside and out. She has been a soft and gentle influence in our lives since childhood and was strong and confident enough to assume the quiet role.

She has proven her genius over and over again via her mothering, partnering, and writing. And the greatest of all is that she is all human: stubborn, vulnerable, and sometimes goofy :)

She is the reason I went into natural childbirth with such confidence and with no drugs at all, eyes wide open: I wanted to be conscious, awake and "there" when welcoming my baby into this world.  I wanted to be an active participant in her journey, helping her while she was transitioning from the warm darkness of my womb into the daylight and oxygen. I wanted her to grow up, like I did, hearing stories about how magically beautiful it was becoming her mother.  I wanted her story to be around not pain, fear, doctors and drugs, but around love, womanhood, letting go, and confident vulnerability.


Nermin Bezmen by Pamira Bezmen Photography

As women, we draw our strengths from our mothers. We learn what to become and what not to become from our mothers. We learn our sense of community, femininity, ability, and sacrifice from our mothers.  We, in the end, become our mothers.

I am truly blessed that she is my mother and that my 3 year old baby girl has the privilege of knowing her, loving her, being loved by her and calling her "my friend" :)

Annecim, seni tum kalbimle seviyorum, iyi ki varsin. Shaya'm seni taniyabildigi ve senin "arkadasin" olabildigi icin cok cok cok mutluyum! :)

My mom's best selling novels have been translated into numerous languages, and the TV show "Kurt Seyit & Shura" based on her same-named novel is currently a hit in Turkey, expected to do just as well in neighboring countries where it's scheduled to start viewing on major TV channels.  I look forward to the day her novels will be on the US market as well, so the readers of this great country can also travel into the magical world she has created between the covers of her books and appreciate what a wonderful mom I've got! :)

Happy Birthday Mama! I Love you from the bottom of my heart!



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Arden Sutherland(non-registered)
I have been watching the Kurt and Sura story on Netflix and Im on Series 29 or so. I can hardley get to bed at night Im so caught up in their story. Im so sorry I now know their ending from google and I feel so sad. I hope your mother's book will be written soon and then I can read it in Canada.
Eileen Snow(non-registered)
What a truly lovely story! I learned much about lovely Turkish culture. I am American and watched on Netflix, and could not stop watching until I finished. Of course I could not believe Our lovers separated and was so devastated I couldn't think of anything else for days. Still struggling.

So beautifully written and acted. Thanks to all involved.

I would love to read the book when it is translated to English. I think. My heart will break all over again.

I am searching often for Turkish TV series and movies. Very impressed so far.
Deborah Edwards(non-registered)
I too loved the series on Netflix the story of Seyit And Sura. It touches the soul.In waiting for the book to be out in English please hurry. I hated that they didn't end up together after all they went through . It's nice to meet you all and thank You for sharing we are blessed.I love to hear more and to be able to see the pictures I finished there series 2 days and it's still affecting my spirit. I enjoy the series so much and loved the actors they were wonderful.
yeliset Garcia(non-registered)
I'm in love with your mom Love history, Shura and Seyit . I'm looking everywhere where I can find the another two novel in English for ready . I can't stop to think what happen between this two lovers I will like to see at the end there live be together. I'm planing buy the next too book . I just speak Spanish and English But after a soo the serie by TV I need more , I need see what happen and I can't find nothing just the books in Turks but I need to traslade for me to know what happen. Please tell your mom the Her job is amazing and I will love to see the next season of the books soon . I also love to see the full interview whit the person the she interviewing in the serie tell everything about Sura.
Hello! When can we read her books in English? I have so love the Kurt Seyt and Shura show and want to read the books. Thank you!
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