Sharing Magic with your Kids via Play | Pamira Bezmen New Jersey Child Photographer

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Sharing Magic with your Kids via Play | Pamira Bezmen New Jersey Child Photographer

Children have a wonderful world of imagination. NJ child photographer Pamira Bezmen explores using photography to capture the magic of play time.


Children have a rich and wonderful world of imagination. When playing, they don't even need toys. A napkin may double as a baby blanket or an imaginary cone of ice cream can be just as wonderful as the real thing.

Movies are not just movies to them, but enchanted worlds that they travel into, and then bring with them back into our lives.

Anyone with kids, especially daughters, has a good chance of having seen the movie "Frozen" more than a couple of times by now, and if your home is anything like ours, very off-key chants of "Let it gooooooo, let it gooooooo..." can be heard at odd hours of the day and night.  -haha, did I get you singing the song in your head for the next 3 hours???  ::)))) sooorr-ryyyyy!!!

Copyright Pamira Bezmen, 2014Frozen Ice Princess Let it Go, by Pamira Bezmen PhotographyFrozen Ice Princess Let it Go, by Pamira Bezmen Photography, New Jersey CHild photographer

I got the idea to recreate this scene from my daughter. The scene of Queen Elza climbing the mountain singing "Let it Go" in the movie.  Snow and wind blowing, her cape flying in the wind, and she full of hope, light, and a sense of confidence, maybe for the first time ever in her life since the accident. 

My daughter was walking around the house with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, singing "Let it goooooo...."  when I asked her:

"Would you like to do a photo shoot like that?  Do you want to be the Ice Princess?"

She agreed to do a photo shoot as Ice Princess.  She fell asleep shortly after posing for me (well, more like she not exactly posing but me rolling all over the floor in my studio to catch her in the correct pose while she kept turning off the lights and running off the studio).  I dragged my fiancee to be the wind-man to create the cape flying in the wind effect. (he was not doing it exactly like I imagined, either, but as a child photographer, I have really learned to let go of my ego and roll with the circumstances because many times my job is to capture the best of my little clients, in whatever pose they choose to give me)

In the process, Shaya had great fun, pretending she was Elza, singing at the top of her lungs, and running around with her scarf - u-hum - cape, flying in the winds of my studio...

I worked on editing this image while she was taking her afternoon nap.

When she woke up, I told her I had a surprise for her. And Voila! Here she was, on my screen, as Ice Princess, snow, wind, cape, and all, in the scene she had been imagining for weeks while she sang "Let it go".

You should have seen the smile on her face! :) I wish I had a photo of that smile, too! :)


Copyright Pamira Bezmen, 2014Catching Light Fairies, Pamira Bezmen PhotographyCatching Light Fairies, Pamira Bezmen Photography, New Jersey Child Photographer

We do lots of photo shoots with my baby girl, and I set the theme for most of them, but as she gets older [read: more determined and bossier], I am bringing more of her ideas and imagination into the set-ups. It helps create a wonderful bonding project together, and yields a priceless memento to keep afterwards.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to do this at your own home. Just keep your eyes and your imagination open. Let your children lead the way, into their own worlds, and if you can, participate with your own creative ideas (if they let you) LOL.

Sometimes they are just as happy to lead the way, and you just get to follow their instructions, and that is great, too.

Through imaginative play, our children get to build confidence and leadership, release their stress, and establish a wide territory of possibilities. By participating and letting them lead the way, you help build love, trust, and joy into your relationship, and you get to show them that you respect them enough to play in their territory.  (Shaya chose the dress and what color scarf fto wear for the "Let it go" portrait above

When the play is over, they are more likely to follow your lead and respect you in the same way, through the loving and gentle skills they learned from you.  And you get to learn so much from your our child (and about yourself) in the process. After all, I think they are our biggest teachers in life.

When you do one of these games, snap a few pics if you can, but if not, just be in the moment and enjoy it.  Let time stop and don't rush onto other things.  With each new year, they will have more and more friends, and other things to do with other people, and as long as I have my preferred friendship status with my baby, I intend to maximize my play time with her!

I wish the same upon all you mamas and papas out there! Happy playing!



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