A magical time to preserve | Maternity Portraits by New Jersey family photographer

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A magical time to preserve | Maternity Portraits by New Jersey family photographer Pamira Bezmen Photography


Maternity Photos by Pamira Bezmen PhotographyMaternity Photos by Pamira Bezmen Photography, New Jersey family photographer

Pregnancy is a time of magic, love, and getting in touch with your inner most spiritual connection with your body, baby, ancestors, and creators.

You are just beginning the journey, and you have already arrived at the same time. I am greatly honored, touched, and overjoyed when I photograph an expecting mother. Contrary to how some women feel, I have not ever met a pregnant woman who was not pure light and gorgeousness. It's surely a time to cherish, photograph, elevate, document, and preserve. For oneself and for one's baby. Your baby will otherwise never get to see how you looked when you were carrying him or her inside, and how beautiful, strong and elegant you were.

Ashli is a beautiful mother, so wise and connected beyond her years, fully embracing what Mother Nature might have in store for her. She is a Mediterranean beauty, and I wanted to capture her in this light. In one with nature, calm and collected, gently awaiting her son with excitement and acceptance. I am so in love with this session that I am barely containing myself from posting a hundred images. But I will try to pace myself.

Thank you, Ashli, for allowing me to be a witness to this precious time. You are a beautiful person, and I pray that you will get to hold your precious son in your arms in great health and with much happiness.


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A goddess is born with each pregnancy... As we humbly give our bodies to our babies and the will of the divine, we become more than we ever thought we were.

I styled our session in nature, wrapping this beautiful mother in long silks and chiffon, to enhance this feeling.  Her natural beauty could not fit the scenery any better.  And Pregnancy could not look any more beautiful on a woman! 



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And we had to have some fun as well. I brought some organic apples to the park. I thought it would be fun to portray her as Eve, obviously having eaten from the tree of knowledge, but it my version of the story she has not fallen.  To the contrary, she is still in Heaven and proud, having a curious conversation with her apple ;-)

- Pamira


All styling and images are Copyright Pamira Bezmen, 2014.  It is illegal to use, reproduce, take, or share any of the images without written consent.


If you would like to schedule a maternity portrait session with Pamira, you can e-mail her or call her at 862.812.2313.  She works and lives in Verona, New Jersey (U.S.A.) and for a few months of the year in Istanbul, Turkey.




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