My Little Heart | Bedtime Love to Melt My Heart | New Jersey Child Photographer Pamira Bezmen

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"My Little Heart"

Bedtime Love to Melt My Heart | New Jersey Child Photographer Pamira Bezmen

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One of the absolute best things about being a mother is basking in my child's endless love for me while being the source of endless love for her. 


I knew the moment I held her in my arms 3 years ago that I was created for this job: Motherhood.  I did not have to read a book, nor did I line up behind experts with degrees to teach me about parenting - I just followed my heart. I did absolutely everything from my heart and the depths of my stomach, where all the mystical knowledge resides.  Because deep down inside of me, I felt an unshakeable sense of strength and power. All the answers were there. I just knew.

And She, all along, taught me exactly how to mother her.  After all, she came to me, to no one but me, for a reason, and a very good one.


3 years later, I stand strong about my parenting choices. Absolutely, positively, parenting from the heart has been invaluable for not only making a happy and loving a child, but also transforming me into a better human being.


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Last night, in bed, after our bed time routine, my daughter Shaya asked me to call her like this:  "My Little Heart".

She said:

"Mommy, call me like this:  My little heaaaart, my little heaaaart, where are youuuu, where are youuuuu, where aaaaaare youuuuuu????"

I obliged as she requested, and I began calling to her, as if I didn't know where she was:

"My little heaaaart, my little heaaaart, where are youuuu, where are youuuuu, where aaaaaare youuuuuu????"


After a few calls, she requested that I sang it to her.

I made up my own melody for this little chant, and the more I sang it, the more meaning filled into it.

She was "My Little Heart", obviously, the name so appropriately selected by herself, in this imaginary scenario where I did not know where she was, and I longed to find her, calling her name, again and again, and singing with love, hope, and longing...

All along, she lay in my arms, listening to my soft voice, enjoying the melody, but also the love and care in it, knowing that she was my little heart, and comforted by the fact that she was not lost or far away, but right there, in her mom's safe embrace.


I was tired, and yes, I would have preferred to be asleep by then, but the more I sang, the more I realized what this meant for her.  I kept on going, on and on and on...  Varying the melody and the sequence of the words, adding more softness, love and care as minutes passed by.

Slowly I reduced the speed of the song and brought the chanting to an end.


She waited for a moment and then turned her face to mine, and held my cheeks in her palms, focusing to see me in the dark.  Then she said to me:

"That was beautiful, My Mommy Heart".


This is the magic of motherhood. I am so blessed and deeply thankful that I am Her Mommy Heart, mother of My Little Heart.  I would not change our sleepless nights to anything in the whole wide world.  After all, how many short years of sleepless nights do we get with our Little Hearts?


- Pamira



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