Happy Spring and all that comes with it!

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Pamira Bezmen Photography, Easter, _DSC5158.2 small logoPamira Bezmen Photography, Easter, _DSC5158.2 small logo


Two coughs and a sneeze and March just flew by!  - Literally, we were coughing or sneezing most of March, so I am so very happy to see the sun back out to warm and pamper us.


I want to wish you all a Happy Passover, a Happy Easter, and a joyful, happy, and amazing Spring! 


Easter Egg Hunts, First Holy Communions, Mother's Day, chirping birds, budding trees, and outdoor family sessions!  There is so much to celebrate and enjoy this season!  Have it all, and make memories!  And, yes, call me to document them and make them last forever for you!


Much love,

- Pamira


First Holy Communion Special Sessions starting from $250.  If you've been procrastinating, call me now, and I'll do my best to squeeze you in.


Pamira Bezmen Photography, 1st Holy Communion, DSC5014.2Pamira Bezmen Photography, 1st Holy Communion, DSC5014.2


Have you seen my new video?  Celebrate Mom.  You can watch it here.  Enjoy!

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