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May 14, 2017  •  2 Comments

Pamira Bezmen Photography, Newborn and Family Photos, New Jersey, DSC_8733.1Pamira Bezmen Photography, Newborn and Family Photos, New JerseyPamira Bezmen Photography, Newborn and Family Photos, New Jersey. Essex County award-winning photographer Pamira Bezmen.


Today was all about celebrations! From the first moment of waking up, to the end of the day... Flowers, cards, brunch, giggles, songs and dance... Celebrating the mother who made me, celebrating the mother I have become, and celebrating the little girls I am raising, who will someday, if they so choose, and if they are so blessed, be a mother to another...

The cycle of life is right before my eyes! From where I am, I can see clearly that motherhood must be the ultimate expression of hope and trust. 'Hope' that there will be a tomorrow, and 'trust' that I have the power to make it better for someone else.

Today, I was fortunate enough to spend my day with my little ones as well as my own mother and the men who love us.  I was fortunate enough to take some new photos, AND I finally made the time to retouch this image of myself holding my little daughter almost 1 year ago.  Time flies faster than we can keep track of! My baby girl is now a 20+ pound chunker with a full-blown personality, and definitely not fitting in my one hand like she did a year ago.  For my own sake, I am thankful for having these images of her so tiny and innocent.  And for her sake, I am thankful that I am in this image with her, holding her, protecting her, loving her, so that she will forever know what she meant to me from the first day I held her in my arms.  I am not promised tomorrow, but today I have the power to make memories with my babies, and to create mementos that they can cherish year after year.

Wherever you are today, I hope that you have had an amazing day, celebrating mom and motherhood, showering in the love of family, making memories for the children.  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


Much love,

- Pamira


Celebrate Mom!



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Renee Bogert(non-registered)
Pamira exudes with love. Love for family, love for photography, love for life. And she brings that love to every photo she takes and the result is a precious and priceless work of art. Pamira was an absolute joy to work with and we love, love, love the beautiful photos that Pamira took of our family. As you may have gathered, we love Pamira and can't wait for our next photo session! Love, The Bogerts
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