The Last Roll of Toilet Paper | by New Jersey Family Photographer Pamira Bezmen

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The Last Roll of Toilet Paper | by New Jersey Family Photographer Pamira Bezmen



If your family is like mine, you may be going through a ton of toilet paper, fast!

Last Tuesday, I noticed that we were down to the last 2 rolls.  I told my darling fiancee to go easy on the toilet paper until we could re-stock.

Then he had a long day at work, and I was busy with retouching and ordering, and no one went shopping.

On Wednesday we were down to our last roll.

Then it was cold and it rained.

Fiancee had another long day at work.

Thursday brought on other things to do, and it might have rained, or it might have threatened to rain, or maybe that was the day I took my daughter Shaya hiking in the woods...

No one went shopping.

On Friday, we still had that last roll.

On Saturday, we could finally go shopping to re-stock, but the funny thing was that we still had that same last roll going!


How did that happen?

While we could run through a whole roll in less than a day under regular circumstances, when resources were scarce, and when we consumed mindfully, we made the same roll last almost 4 days.


This made me think of how we live our lives.  The faster we roll, the more perceived resources we have, the more we consume.  Things, memories, and time alike.  We roll'em up and use'em up. Fast.  Then flush. It's gone. Way too fast!

When we slow down and start consuming more mindfully, we get to really minimize waste and maximize value.

We have so much to learn from our children about living life.  They are truly engrossed in whatever they do. They are in that moment, be it real or imaginary.  And the way they invest time in us. Without rushing. Without pretending. Truly watching. Truly listening. Truly enjoying. Truly "being" in that moment.




Go ahead. Slow down. Make your time stretch. Breathe. Listen. Hug. Love. and Enjoy.

Make that last roll of toilet paper last. Especially when it comes to your kids and family.  Because this one roll you've got is the best roll you'll ever have in life.


With Love,

- Pamira


Note: We have since re-stocked on our toilet paper :)



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