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May 11, 2019  •  1 Comment

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We recently celebrated the birthday of my beautiful mother Nermin Bezmen. An inspirational woman with great integrity and an impeccable work ethic, she taught me to always put my heart and soul into what I do, and always keep learning and growing. It doesn't matter if you were the expert on something 10 years ago, if it gives you butterflies, you can apply yourself to it today and 10 years from now, you will be an expert.


You can do anything you want. You can be a business woman. An artist. A mother. A freedom fighter. A truth seeker. A yoga teacher. A painter. Hard work doesn't make you less, it makes you more. I learned that cooking every meal from scratch for my family every single day is not a chore. It's a loving choice. It doesn't make me a slave to them. It makes me the angel in their food for every meal.

Many of you know my mom with her best-selling historic fiction novel Kurt Seyt & Shura (link to Facebook page),  (link to official web site), which was her debut into the literary world over 20 years ago. It became an international best-seller because she was not phased by the fact that she had never written a novel before. My mom is a woman who never allows her doubts to get bigger than her dreams, and I learned this well from her.

I am honored to carry her mitochondria, and leave 2 daughters in this world who carry a part of her. In this life, amongst millions of fans and readers and countless children she's sponsored and educated, she has 3 granddaughters who carry her bloodline.

She is setting a beautiful example for every single one of them. I am proud to be her daughter. Her granddaughters adore her.
I love you, Mom!!!! SO VERY MUCH!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!! Can't wait to celebrate with some Prosecco!


You know what I also noticed while I was writing this post on Facebook? My mom never once told me to work hard. Never once did she tell me to be honest. Never once did she tell me that I could do whatever I wanted, I should just go for it. Never once did she ever make fun of other moms who weren't as involved with their children, and never once did she ever tell me to cook every meal from scratch. SHE JUST DID IT!

I learned everything good from her not because she talked about it in memorable, smart ways. I learned it all because she LIVED her convictions with such pure dedication that they became a part of who I am because there was never a reason to be or do otherwise.
This was a very powerful recognition. At the age of 44 - going on 45 - I have just discovered the true power of my mom's motherhood while writing this birthday message for her.




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there are cute children with beautiful mom. every photography good in which mom is. i read your blog and l love it.
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